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One of the most widely used character encoding schemes is ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). ASCII, which was derived from telegraphic codes, is today widely used in electronic communication to transfer text.

Because computers can only interpret numbers, the ASCII code uses different numbers to represent text (characters). This is how a computer interprets and displays text.

The original ASCII standard had 128 characters. The 26 letters of the English alphabet (both lower and upper case); numbers 0 to 9; and different punctuation marks are included. Each of these characters is assigned a decimal number ranging from 0 to 127 in the ASCII code. Upper case A, for example, has an ASCII value of 65, while lower case A has a value of 97.

ASCII to Binary Converter Online Free Tool


These are the steps to convert ASCII into binary code.

  1. In the following field, enter your ASCII code.
  2. To initiate the conversion, press the "Convert Binary" button.
  3. You can convert the ASCII values to binary codes and see the results instantly on your screen.
  4. You can either copy the results to the clipboard or click the "Download” button to save them to your device.


Below are the main features of our online ASCII-to-binary converter.

100% free

Many online tools are available, but they require registration or payment. You can still use our ASCII to Binary conversion tool without registering.

Accessible from anywhere

Access the ASCII text-to-binary converter online using a web-based tool. This utility is free and only requires an Internet connection.

Conversion in One Click

You can convert ASCII characters to binary codes with the ASCII online converter in just one click. Simply enter your ASCII characters to the utility, and then click the Convert button. Instantly, your ASCII code will convert into binary code.

Accurate Results

The ASCII binary converter uses advanced algorithms to provide accurate results in a matter of minutes. You can verify the accuracy of the results using any method if necessary.

Swap Results

Swap results are a unique feature you won't find in any other ASCII text-to-binary converters. You can instantly convert your binary values to ASCII by simply tapping the "Swap results" button.

All Devices Supported

All operating systems are compatible with our ASCII-to-binary conversion tool. This utility works on any operating system, no matter if you're using it on an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Desktop.

Data Protection

We are committed to protecting the privacy of users' data and will do our best to ensure that it is protected. Your uploaded data will not ever be shared or used by any third party.

What is ASCII in binary?

ASCII is an 8-bit coding system. That instance, each letter or punctuation mark is represented by eight bits. A byte is eight bits long. One byte of computer memory can store an eight-digit binary code, such as 1101 10112. In a word processor, the word "CAT" becomes 0100 00112, 0100 00012, and 0101 01002.

What ASCII means?

ASCII, or American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a standard data-encoding system for computer-to-computer communication. ASCII assigns numeric values to letters, digits, punctuation marks, and other computer characters. ASCII art is an expanded ASCII coding system.


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