High CPC Keywords List in 2022

What exactly are high CPC keywords? How can I locate them quickly? And what are the world's most expensive CPC keywords? I'll answer all of these questions, as well as others.

By the conclusion of this post, you'll know everything there is to know about pay-per-click advertising.

Your CPC is an important measure to work on as a digital marketer because it impacts your ROI. The cost per click influences everything from advertising investment to revenue. That is why you must improve your understanding of the subject. Does that sound reasonable?

Highest CPC keywords list in the USA:-

  1. Insurance  $17.30
  2. Online Education $12.16
  3. Marketing and Advertising. $6.18
  4. Legal. $5.42 
  5. Internet and Telecommunication $4.75
  6. Online Banking $4.15
  7. Home and Garden  $2.66
  8. Automobiles  $2.18
  9. Jewelry, Beauty, and Skin Care $1.90
  10. Fitness and Health $1.76
  11. Cryptocurrency $1.6
  12. Travel $1.63
  13. Real Estate $1.42
  14. Electronics $1.19
  15. Fashion and Jewelry accessories $1.16

High CPC Keywords FAQ

What Are High CPC Keywords?

CPC is an abbreviation for cost-per-click. CPC is the cost per click on your pay-per-click marketing campaign. If you do not run PPC advertising and host them on your blog or website, you will not pay the amount. Understand that the greater the CPC an advertiser spends, the more money you'll make as a blogger.

Here's how to compute CPC:

The cost per click varies by keyword. And that makes sense because some keywords generate significantly more revenue than others. Keywords like "email marketing" must be more profitable than "funny videos." As a result, the former has a greater CPC than the latter.

This allows us to better define high CPC terms.

How to Find High CPC Keywords for Blog?


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