Javascript Obfuscator

Javascript Obfuscator Online Tool: JavaScript Obfuscator transforms or encodes the actual JavaScript source code to an unreadable format by converting the code to machine-level language in order to steal the code from an unauthorized end user. This method is completely secure in JavaScript and the best technique to protect source code.

Javascript Obfuscator Online Free Tool

Javascript Obfuscator online tool of WebToolOnline.Com to help you obfuscate Javascript code, free of charge. Enter the Javascript code that you want to obfuscate and click Obfuscate to get an obfuscated version of your code back on screen. Save this new code in a text file or copy it and paste it into your project where you need it – just remember to check whether there are any line breaks (\r) in your script when you paste it!

Javascript Obfuscator Online Free Tool -

Why is it necessary to obfuscate JS code?

The JavaScript obfuscator online tool is a powerful resource that helps to protect your JavaScript code. Code protection prevents disassembling and copying of JS applications, making it much harder for people to steal your work. This obfuscation technique has been used by cyber-criminals who try to bypass search engines and prevent indexing and parsing of their malicious code; however, it can also be employed by web developers looking to protect their intellectual property while they test or release their scripts.

What type of tool can help us obfuscate our code online?

There are several tools and online services that let you obfuscate your code online. They can help you protect and secure your JavaScript code, in order to keep it away from malicious hackers who might want to steal it for their own gain. Here are a few of these tools, which work equally well for other programming languages as well

Features of this particular tool

JSOF (Javascript Obfuscator Online Free) can be used to obfuscate JavaScript in such a way that it is impossible to restore its original form. This tool does not require users to install any additional software on their system, thus simplifying installation and reducing computer footprint. In addition, using JSOF for obfuscation purposes only takes seconds, so you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

How to use this online Javascript obfuscator?

After pasting your Javascript into an online free obfuscator tool you get obfuscated code that can’t be easily understood by others. You also have an option to save it as a file on your computer or share it with someone else. To do that use 3rd checkbox Download file and copy generated link. After clicking on that link online free obfuscation tool will open again but the code will be already obfuscated (encrypted). Simply paste it into your HTML code. Voilà! 🙂

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