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This website calculates the exact PayPal fees for every transaction. It is the best PayPal Fee Calculation site on the Internet. It is easy to calculate how much money you will receive from anyone who sends you money.

To calculate exactly how much Paypal will deduct, enter any amount in "Enter an Amount" and select the "Fee Rate" for Domestic Transaction or International Transaction, Mobile Card Reader, or Virtual Transaction Fee. This will show you how much you will receive from the customer and what PayPal charges for each transaction.

PayPal friends and family fee calculator helps you to calculate the exact amount of transactions for sending money to your family and friends. PayPal processes an average of 41 million transactions per day. This means that you will most likely need the tool to send money out to friends and family, or to your business.


The PayPal fee calculator allows you to calculate payments including PayPal fees. Sometimes we need the PayPal fee to be paid by the other party when processing transactions. We don't know the exact amount. The PayPal fee calculator from WebToolOnline can help you solve such problems. It takes just one click to calculate the fees!

PayPal Fee Calculator Online Free Tool


WebToolOnlie's PayPal fee calculator is simple and quick to use. It calculates the deductions for sending and receiving money via PayPal quickly.

You only need to:

  • Enter the amount
  • Select "Fee  Rate" for domestic or International Or Mobile Card Reader or Virtual transaction
  • Click on the "Calculate" button
  • Once you click on the calculate button, your total fees appear just below it.
  • It also displays the amount you will receive after deducting fees. It even shows you how much money you can ask for after taking out fees.
  • Click on the "Reset” button to delete the amount entered.

See the Screenshot of the outcome of the our PayPal Fee Calculator:

PayPal Fee Calculator Outcome

That's it! The PayPal Fee Calculator from WebToolOnline makes it easy to calculate payments. Simply enter the amount you want to receive or pay. This tool allows you to calculate the standard PayPal fee for Domestic, international, Virtual, or Mobile Card Reader transactions.


Designhill's PayPal calculator simplifies the process of calculating individual fees or payments. You can be confident that your calculations will be done accurately, even if you don't have time. You will have to pay the PayPal fee if you are a business owner and your customers/buyers use PayPal. Designhill's PayPal fee calculator is a handy tool for those who have multiple transactions per day.

  • Calculations that are error-free: Miscalculations can lead to errors and impact gross revenue. The PayPal fee-calculator on the other side prevents errors. It's more accurate than manual calculations.
  • It saves time: The PayPal fee calculator makes it easy and quick to calculate deductions and fees. It saves you time that can be used for your business activities.
  • Automated calculations: All calculations are done automatically. All taxes and deductions are calculated according to PayPal's standard charges.
  • Access the tool anywhere: Designhill's PayPal fee calculator can be used anywhere. You can launch the tool anytime, anywhere and do your calculations wherever you are.

Our Paypal Fee Calculator is the Best

There are many online PayPal fee calculators that can calculate the fee. Our tools are different in many ways. We offer a simple and clean interface that anyone can use.
Simply enter the amount you desire in the text box, and then select the fee rate for domestic, mobile card reader, or virtual transactions. It will calculate the fee in a matter of microseconds, making it super-fast. You will need to click the calculate button, then wait for it to calculate the exact amount.
The Paypal fee is subject to change so frequently. Our tool is kept current with any changes to the Paypal fees. We also update our formula whenever Paypal makes any changes to the fee.


These are some of the most common questions asked by people!

What fees does PayPal charge for each invoice?

Yes, the PayPal invoice fee is 2.9% plus US$0.30 if you are selling within the US.

What percent does PayPal charge for international clients?

International clients will be charged PayPal international fees at 4.4% and a fixed fee depending on the country.

Are PayPal fees different depending on where you are located?

The simple answer is yes. The fees charged by PayPal vary from one country to the next. The PayPal invoice fee differs between billing a US client and an international client.

To find out how much PayPal charges to send money to or receive money, you can use the international PayPal fee calculator.

Are there Paypal withdrawal fees?

If you have a US bank account, there is no charge to withdraw your PayPal account balance.

A $5 flat fee will be charged to anyone who requests a check.

How about Friends and Family Fees for Paypal?

The PayPal transfer fee is waived if the sender chooses the Friends and Family option when sending the payment. This applies to both the sender and receiver. The sender will not be protected by Paypal payment protection if they choose this method.

This can save you money on PayPal friends or family fees if both parties agree to it.

Note - While it is free to make payments through Friends and Family, there are small fees for using a debit card or credit card. To find out how much PayPal fees are for payments made with a debit card or credit card, you can use the PayPal calculator.

What is the Paypal Goods and Services Fee?

The standard USD 0.30 plus 2.9% (PayPal goods and service fee) will be applied to the seller (payment recipient) if the amount is sent via the Goods and Services option. This is the type of payment that can be considered when an individual sells a product/service.

You can also use this option to send or receive goods. To calculate the fees for goods and services, you can visit the PayPal website. You can also visit the official PayPal website to learn more about PayPal transactions, and the fees associated with PayPal business accounts.

Is PayPal expensive?

It is usually free to use PayPal. It is even free to open a PayPal account, even if you don't use it very often. An individual will not be charged for purchases in the same currency, but they may be charged for those transactions if there is an appropriate exchange rate.

PayPal seller fees are charged to individuals who sell products and receive payments via PayPal. The PayPal business account fees can vary depending on what circumstances you have, such as accepting credit card payments via PayPal Here chip and contactless payment reader. To find out about your seller fees, you will need to use the PayPal seller fee calculator.


Remember that our Paypal calculator 2020 is not supported or endorsed by PayPal. These results are only estimates and there is no guarantee that they will be accurate.

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