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URL Encoding Online: It converts characters into a format suitable for transmission via the Internet. Only the ASCII character set can be used to send URLs over the Internet.

Free URL Encode Tool

How often do you have to encode and decode URLs? If you’re like most people, the answer is more than you’d like to admit. Whether you’re working with HTML or want to put a tracking code into your affiliate link, URL encoding can be a handy skill to know. Thankfully, there are free tools out there that will do all the work for you! Here are two that I recommend trying if you need to encode or decode URLs online!

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URL encode online free tool

When dealing with URLs in HTML or anywhere, you should always use URL encoding (also known as percent-encoding). The goal of url encoding is to translate certain characters that have a special meaning in web browsers into their corresponding hexadecimal representation. This way you can be sure your links will not break and go to another page, by accident. In short, it makes sure you get where you want to go instead of being redirected elsewhere.

URL Encode FAQ

Why use this tool?

Encoding (also known as percent-encoding) is a simple process that assigns a special character or characters to an alphanumeric string so that it can be understood by computers. URL encode, in particular, refers to a specific form of encoding used with Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), where characters are replaced with their corresponding ASCII equivalent.

How does it work?

This URL encode tool is simple to use. Input your text and click Encode. You'll see that all special characters have been replaced with an encoded equivalent. Note: This tool will only work on Latin alphabets. For example, it won't work if you input text in Chinese or Arabic or any other language using non-Latin characters. It also doesn't work with math symbols and punctuation marks like hyphens, commas, colons, etc.


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